•        Official Sampling
•        Phytosanitary Sampling for USGSA and AMA Products
•        Submitted Sample Testing
•        Protein
•        Falling Number
•        Vomatoxin Testing
•        Aflatoxin Testing
•        Oil & Fatty Acid Testing
•        Online Inspection
•        Stowage Exams
•        Container Exams
•        Sanitation Inspections
•        Hay Sampling
California Agri is now offering third party hay sampling services for the feed and forage
•        Wheat Wet Gluten Testing
This important end product determination is offered as additional information on official
certificates at a nominal cost.
Full detail of services offered is available in our our fee schedule, which can be found on
the link below or in any of our offices.

Cal Agri Fee Schedule
California Agri Inspection Co., Ltd.
USDA Official Designated Private Agency
Northern California
Service Coverage Area
Electronic Certificates
California Agri Inspection Co., Ltd. also offers Electronic Certificates.  More
information can be obtained from link below for account set up.
Cal Agri Electronic Certificate
Application for Inspection Services
Application for Inspection and Weighing Services
Fee Schedule
Truck Sample Ticket